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Flexible learning starts at Keystone.

The Keystone School offers flexible education programs for high school and middle school students that help each student achieve their unique dreams and goals. Whether your student wants to study full-time or just needs individual classes, we offer more than 170 courses from credit recovery to world languages and AP. Students can enroll at any time.

Flexibility is the foundation of our approach. For forty years, we've been known as a leader in flexible education models, and we've learned our methods support students to build the discipline they need to succeed. Whether that's in college, a job, trade school, the military, performing arts or wherever they dream to go. The Keystone School. The foundation to your student's successful future.

Keystone Enrollment Offer

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Use promocodes:

High School: 10off5HS

Middle School: 10off5MS

Keystone School Demo

Use the link below to log into Keystone’s robust learning management system, and get first-hand experience with a sampling of some of our most popular high school and middle school courses, and hear directly from Keystone students and teachers about the Keystone experience. After logging in, select either the High School Demo Course or the Middle School Demo Course in the My Courses section. Once you are in a Demo Course, the welcome announcement will direct you to click on the welcome link to get started.

In order to view this demo, you will need to enter a Login and Password.  Jot this login and password down before you click the link below.

Login: HSDemo1

Password: HSPass1

Click here to view the demo. 

Looking for grade K-5 courses?

The Keystone School is proud to be a part of K12, America’s leading provider of online education for grades K-12. Learn more about K12’s 50+ online courses and hands-on materials available for young learners in grades K-5.